The CGM is very cool

So we added the sensor for the CGM this weekend.  I was excited and apprehensive both.  However so far it’s been extremely accurate and there have been no issues with it at all. It really helps  to see which direction she is going especially with her playing sports. Unfortunately we were chasing highs all weekend and then her site didn’t work yesterday, so it’s been a roller coaster but things were looking better last night and this morning. While it would be nice to have the cloud version, this is a good first step to helping us managing things better.

We are going to a symposium next weekend.  There should be some kids there from the camp my daughter attending this summer.  It will be nice to connect with others going through the same thing and maybe learn some new things too.


Just a few more days

We do have a date set for training.  It was hard to find a day that might work but hopefully we’ll get it going.  I am still a little nervous and apprehensive but my daughter is excited so I hope it all goes well. She is playing volleyball so it’s going to be interesting to see how we work it out with that activity.

I think the reason I am nervous is I feel like we are in a good routine and managing thing so well that now we have to ‘relearn’ some things and do things differently.  I have also read about some cons with the inserts and sensors and am nervous about it being more painful, falling off, and the tubing being a pain.  We don’t do the CGMsensor until a couple of weeks after starting the pump.  I also would love to be able to hack it but the CGM in the cloud movement seems to work with the Dexcom better.  I would love to be able to see her numbers when not together.

So I am hopeful and we will see how it goes.

Waiting game

We have the pump however it’s been sitting in the box for 3 weeks now with no scheduled training.  It’s a bummer.  When we got it, my daughter and I went through and checked it all out.  We did some of the online training one Saturday (about 5 hours) and then the waited to hear about the in-person training. And waited. And waited.  I have reached out through various avenues (calling/emailing the last rep I spoke with, emailing the Dr. office for advise, reaching out to Karen at for advise).  I have heard from some contacts in the company but am still waiting to hear from the trainer. So it’s a little disappointing and it’s hard to explain to my daughter to be patient when the pump is sitting RIGHT THERE.  I told her it would take a while but I just wish they would have given us a timeline.  Not hearing from anyone for over a week when you expected only a couple of days is frustrating.  I hope to hear something firmer by Monday or we might need to rethink working with this company and try something else.

Pump approved

We went ahead with getting the blood work done and today  I found out my daughter is approved for the pump.  I am excited for her but also nervous.  We will be getting the supplies within a week and then training starts.  They said it could take close to a month to get the training done.  She are getting the Medtronic 530g with sensor.  I am more excited about the sensor (cgm).