V is for Vacation

Going lighten things up a little today and talk about Vacation.  I am a beach lover and do not feel content unless I’ve spent a few days at the beach each year. My husband enjoys the beach but isn’t as addicted as I am, neither are the kids.  One year we went to Tennessee instead and everyone seemed to enjoy it but me (maybe we just had bad weather, but I wanted to spend time on the lake and it was just too cold for that).  Last year both kids got stung by a jellyfish so they insist that they will not be going into the ocean this year (trip is already booked so to late to change it).  I have been trying to think of something different for the next year.  We live in a rural, sorta mountain-y location so that’s not really something we would want on vacation.  My daughter would like to see Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon but I’m not sure about that either. A cruse would suit me but it’s similar to the ocean/beach and it would be nice to do something different.  Anyone have any ideas to share?


M is for Music

One of the biggest heartbreak’s of my life was realizing that I could not sing. In my bedroom as a child I would belt out song after song with such passion and abandon, I thought I was Madonna for sure.  I can’t remember when I found out I couldn’t sing, I think I knew it but didn’t care for a long time. Oh to be young and carefree.  Like with my ‘Dancing’ post, my kids used to not care, join in, love it, etc. Now not so much.  I can really embarrass them by suddenly breaking in ‘Wrecking Ball’ or something.

However a few weeks ago, we were talking about their new cousins and lullabies and they requested that I sing a few to them as a reminder.  It was quite a lovely moment that I know is all too fleeting.

K is for Kids

Yesterday was my birthday.  I told my kids that it was my day and they had to do what I wanted and not complain. It went about as well as you could expect.  Even on my birthday I put the kids first. It’s hard as a parent to take a step back and put yourself first.  I did get to do some of the things I wanted/planned but not all and I guess that’s good enough for now.

I is for Infants

Last weekend I got to spend quite a bit of time with my new infant nephews. Babies are just so sweet and innocent and lovable. I haven’t been around infants in a very long time and it really is great when you get to hold and snuggle with them then go home for the night.  I still get up most nights to check my daughter’s blood glucose levels (it takes its toll on you when you don’t get the consistent sleep) but I do not envy that part of having newborns…and having two at once makes it even more difficult.  But that time passes all too fast and soon they move on to the next stage.  Some good, some not so great. But in the end you won’t trade it for anything.

Catch up

Before I start the blogging challenge I wanted to write a quick catch-up on things.

My daughter has been doing pretty well.  Softball season started so that brings a new season of changes to insulin and how we manage things.  We had a couple of bad sensors (or sites of sensors) so we had a couple weeks of low alarms where she wasn’t really low in thru the night – this made for a tired momma and daughter. We have had a better couple weeks now.

My twins turned 13 and my brother’s twins arrived 10 days later.  Two beautiful boys.  It’s been fun to get together and see them growing each time we visit.

I’m excited for the challenge and hopefully it will help me get into the grove of writing/posting more frequently.

More tomorrow…