Not connected

When my daughter was diagnosed it was terrifying. I didn’t know anything about what was going on and didn’t have anyone to share experiences with.

As a techie, I immediately got online looking for info and found lots, maybe too much, but I still was looking for a deeper connection on sharing information so I started this blog hoping to find that.

It’s not working.

And with so many other activities that are vying for my attention there is no one to blame but myself.

However it is frustrating that finding out some information has been so difficult.

Like I heard about nightscout and loved the concept but it only seemed to apply to the dex and we already had the medtronic system … now I am hearing that it does work for medtronic but I already shelled out the money for the MiniMed connect.

The connect is a great concept but not geared to the caregiver which is what I am and what we need right now.

There is no app for the caregiver, only a mobile site that requires a log in Every. Time.  Seriously? at 2am this is not fun. Now seeing it on the website is pretty good which is fine at work but when I really need it is at night, and that not so much. There really needs to be an app for caregiver like the user.

And the connect is not really easy for a middle school child to keep close by…the hole that I guess is supposed to be used to attach to something is too small for most things…it would be great if the tubing could fit thru it or a carabiner.  I guess I need to buy her a fitbelt to store it all.