Let’s Get Physical – Wildcard #DBlog Week

Managing diabetes during exercise can be tricky, so share what works for you or your loved one with diabetes and maybe it can help someone else. What to do when you want to work out, but your blood sugar is lower or higher than you want? How do you cope with this? Or how do you manage gym days at school for your child with diabetes? How do you stay motivated to work out? Or how do you encourage your loved on with diabetes to get active? What is your favorite kind of exercise – conventional or non-conventional? (Let’s see how many types of exercise we can find!

Doing a wildcard topic today…

My daughter is involved with team sports both Volleyball and Softball. This helps keep her active and in shape. But it can make things hard to predict and manage (even more than normal). She will take her pump off for the whole game – this helps with the lows during the game (mostly) – but can have ramifications. She will then be quite high before bed and we don’t treat because by 1:30-3 she will drop and be low. The CGM helps to least let me be aware, I do sometime catch the low before it happens. Our go to at night is juice followed by a cheese stick when in range. I love to watch her play, I love that she has a passion and wants to play and be active, I just really hate the roller coaster of highs and lows.


One thought on “Let’s Get Physical – Wildcard #DBlog Week

  1. That’s awesome that she is so active! I used to play softball and I felt the adrenaline during the game (I would get so nervous to bat!) would make me high during and then I’d crash. It sounds like you are pretty aware of what happens and that’s awesome to help treat what will come.

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