Pump approved

We went ahead with getting the blood work done and today  I found out my daughter is approved for the pump.  I am excited for her but also nervous.  We will be getting the supplies within a week and then training starts.  They said it could take close to a month to get the training done.  She are getting the Medtronic 530g with sensor.  I am more excited about the sensor (cgm). 


One month later

I have sadly been remiss in writing for a month now.  Here is an update:

CAMP – had a blast, made new friends, wants a pump now

BEACH – was great in many ways but numbers ran high the whole time (with maybe 2 or 3 hypos).  But fun was had by all.  Jelly fish got both kids but wasn’t as bad as expected in the long run.

Then there were two weeks between vacation and school.  It went by so fast but we did lots of resting because once school starts, sport start and then there is no rest for anyone.

Also had our 3-month with the endo.  Her A1C was 8%, down form 14% at dx 4 months ago.  My daughter really wants the pump, the endo was ambivalent said it probably wouldn’t really help her control too much since it was pretty good. However the choice was really up to us.

Again, my daughter really wants it but I am hesitant.  I do understand that there is some more ‘freedom’ as far as schedules and eating but then there is something connected to her all the time and I just hope it doesn’t bother her too much. Plus I have read so many pros and cons that I just don’t know – but I do think it’s really up to her so we are moving forward with insurance inquiries.

We are leaning towards the Medtronic. Any input?

One last thing, school started today. Still no 504 plan.  I called the nurse and counselor from last year and finally had to call the Principal.  We should be having a meeting next week.  I took the supplies and some handouts for the teachers to the open house last night. I am not really worried since we are a small, rural community with a LPN there everyday but it is a little frustrating to not get this taken care of as expected.