My thoughts

I was going to post this on Facebook for Diabetes Awareness month but am still unsure.  I asked my daughter to read it but I don’t think she has yet.

I have been searching for the words to say, even more importantly words that would not embarrass my daughter.  It’s hard to express what life is like now as opposed to before 4/21/2014.  Maybe most of you think that nothing has changed.  You see pictures of her playing Volleyball or post about her getting straight A’s and think nothing is different.  Or maybe you ask how things are going and we both say ‘Fine’ because what else can we say.

What we could say (and sometimes do say to the closest), is that Type 1 diabetes sucks; it’s never-ending.  There is never a good night sleep for either one of us.  There are multiple finger sticks everyday – and they hurt.  There are pump site changes every three days (that took the place of 5-6 shots daily about a year ago) and they hurt. There is another change for the sensor every 6 days and it hurts. The sensor allows us to see trends in blood sugar.  It’s not always accurate but it can be and has been a lifesaver when it’s right.

Somethings are old hat now, over a year and a half in.  But it is still there, everyday.  We deal with it everyday.  She is brave and amazing and doesn’t always show that it hurts.  But it does hurt. And it sucks.

Maybe there will be a cure one day.  We hope and pray for it.  The technology is advancing too and when it all works right it’s great – but it’s not foolproof.  And I say ‘We’ because right now I am in it with her.  She is growing up and will be doing more and more on her own but I never want her to feel alone.


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