C is for Continuous


My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost one year ago. The word continuous is a good way to describe things. Type 1 diabetes never takes a break, it is something that you really have to deal with in every aspect of your life. What you eat, if you exercise/play sports, when you sleep. Many finger sticks, shots, inserts — daily, weekly, and on and on and on….

One advantage we have been using is the CGM which stand for Continuous Glucose Monitor. This is a device that is attached to my daughter that checks her sugar levels every 5 minutes. It’s a miracle in some ways however it’s not always accurate and when it’s off it’s a nightmare (it almost always happens at night). I am grateful for the technology though and think it really is a live saver, however I am continuously praying for a cure.


The CGM is very cool

So we added the sensor for the CGM this weekend.  I was excited and apprehensive both.  However so far it’s been extremely accurate and there have been no issues with it at all. It really helps  to see which direction she is going especially with her playing sports. Unfortunately we were chasing highs all weekend and then her site didn’t work yesterday, so it’s been a roller coaster but things were looking better last night and this morning. While it would be nice to have the cloud version, this is a good first step to helping us managing things better.

We are going to a symposium next weekend.  There should be some kids there from the camp my daughter attending this summer.  It will be nice to connect with others going through the same thing and maybe learn some new things too.