Going to Camp

As I mentioned in some other posts, I am going to camp as a counselor this year.  One reason I am going is because of last year (See not-a-happy-camper). However, it’s not the only reason – I took over as club co-leader this year and thought it would be a good experience to be there with some of the kids from the club, we have quite a few going for the first time.  I have always loved 4-H and when I was young I envisioned being a counselor forever (many do).  I am a little nervous about being around so many kids constantly as I am not really used to that but hopefully it will be a fun time.

My daughter has been doing fine and since she has a pump she really won’t even need to see the nurse often, really only for a site change and sensor change unless there is a problem.  I’ll be doing her night checks and told here that was the only time to consider me “mom” and not her club leader. I did say she had to pretend to like me some – lol.

Hope I have some good stories after my week at camp.