Waiting game

We have the pump however it’s been sitting in the box for 3 weeks now with no scheduled training.  It’s a bummer.  When we got it, my daughter and I went through and checked it all out.  We did some of the online training one Saturday (about 5 hours) and then the waited to hear about the in-person training. And waited. And waited.  I have reached out through various avenues (calling/emailing the last rep I spoke with, emailing the Dr. office for advise, reaching out to Karen at http://bittersweetdiabetes.com/ for advise).  I have heard from some contacts in the company but am still waiting to hear from the trainer. So it’s a little disappointing and it’s hard to explain to my daughter to be patient when the pump is sitting RIGHT THERE.  I told her it would take a while but I just wish they would have given us a timeline.  Not hearing from anyone for over a week when you expected only a couple of days is frustrating.  I hope to hear something firmer by Monday or we might need to rethink working with this company and try something else.


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