Make it work

I am really slacking on my posts.  It’s hard to write sometimes when everyday feels like a repeat or just not having anything new to say. However the truth is I just don’t make time for writing.

My daughter has been doing great since camp 1.  Softball ended last week. They came in 2nd in the tournament and got trophies anyway.  We went to a local fair and she rode some rides with friends.  I felt like a stalker following them, but it was unplanned and I wanted to be close if she felt low.  There were other parents doing the same without the diagnoses so that helped.

This week she is at a camp just for Type 1 kids.  I think it will be an awesome experience for her and can’t wait to see her and find out.  The camp has the BG checks built into the schedule and wake them up twice during the night (my biggest grip from the other non-medical camp). One of her doctor’s is also there so that helps my anxiety level too.

The day I pick her up, we are headed to the beach.  The vacation was planned prior to dx so not really the ideal but we’ll make it work.  I am looking forward to our vacation, we have lots of down time planned so hopefully it won’t be too much.