B is for Biscuits and Gravy….

Biscuits and Gravy!

Someone bought them into work today and it was just wonderful.  I think Biscuits and Gravy can fix just about anything. Definitely feeling better today.  Nothing has changed but our attitudes. I knew we just needed a day.

I almost used ‘Broken’ – My daughter has physical therapy tonight…on her pinkie, so much trouble over one little finger.  It’s almost funny that something so small can cause such a big problem. I have never broken any bones so it’s hard to know what it really feels like, her finger is purple though.


A is for Aggravated

This is not how I planned to start this challenge but so fitting for today.

My daughter has been through so much this past year and has been looking forward to softball season for months. Things were going great then she hurt her finger at practice on Friday. On Saturday we had it X-rayed and a small bone was chipped. Yesterday we found out it’s going to take six weeks and physical therapy so no softball – ugh. Why can’t she catch a break? I know life’s not fair. I know it could be worse but for now I am indulging in my own pity party and letting her have a day too.

Then we’ll both move on and find a way to accept this.

Catch up

Before I start the blogging challenge I wanted to write a quick catch-up on things.

My daughter has been doing pretty well.  Softball season started so that brings a new season of changes to insulin and how we manage things.  We had a couple of bad sensors (or sites of sensors) so we had a couple weeks of low alarms where she wasn’t really low in thru the night – this made for a tired momma and daughter. We have had a better couple weeks now.

My twins turned 13 and my brother’s twins arrived 10 days later.  Two beautiful boys.  It’s been fun to get together and see them growing each time we visit.

I’m excited for the challenge and hopefully it will help me get into the grove of writing/posting more frequently.

More tomorrow…


Things have been going really good around here.  Christmas was good, our trip (to DC) was good, January has been good. We’ve been sorta lazy this month, not much running on nights and weekend. But that’s all about to change as February is typically busy and then spring sports starts. I was feeling guilty about the lazy until I think about how hectic our Fall and Spring/Summer usually are.

Also, my girl (and her twin brother) turn 13 in a couple weeks. I am not ready to be the mother of teenagers!  Also not sure if I mentioned it before but my brother and his wife are expecting twins this February too. It’s about to get crazy times two around here.

Type 1 never goes away, we deal with it, we hate it, we manage it, and we try not to think about it in-between.

Not because I’ve nothing to say

So I haven’t been writing not because I’ve nothing to say but I guess I just don’t know what to say.

My daughter is doing good.  Nothing extreme but not in always in the best range.  The doctor tweaks as necessary but then the School Nurse has caused some issues – I am still mulling it over but I am not happy about her attitude toward me and my daughter.  I think I will pursue it more after the holidays.

I let my daughter go to sleep over at a friends for the first time.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought but that was because I knew she was running in a higher range.  And that’s not a good thing but it got me through the night (she did text me at 2am, the mother woke her up).

The CGM and pump have made a big difference in the management (so much easier) but I also feel more detached because I am not writing down the numbers, they go from the pump to the computer and I don’t always review it as before.

We are  doing a small trip after Christmas to a place my daughter really wants to go, so I hope she enjoys it.  Eating will be harder since there will be mostly locally owned restaurants and not chains but we’ll swag our way through it.

So Merry Christmas to all who take the time to read this and hopefully next year will bring much happiness to all!

The CGM is very cool

So we added the sensor for the CGM this weekend.  I was excited and apprehensive both.  However so far it’s been extremely accurate and there have been no issues with it at all. It really helps  to see which direction she is going especially with her playing sports. Unfortunately we were chasing highs all weekend and then her site didn’t work yesterday, so it’s been a roller coaster but things were looking better last night and this morning. While it would be nice to have the cloud version, this is a good first step to helping us managing things better.

We are going to a symposium next weekend.  There should be some kids there from the camp my daughter attending this summer.  It will be nice to connect with others going through the same thing and maybe learn some new things too.

Blog and Pump update

I thought I could do this blogging thing but turns out I am not doing great at it.  I feel so scatter-brained and unable to complete any thoughts and sometimes there is so much I want to say and sometimes I just want to bottle it up and not think about it.  I  am basically just overwhelmed.
My daughter is doing well with the pump, we are adjusting.  We have had some issues with the insertions sites and that can get frustrating for both of us.  Somethings are easier and some are just different. I do think in the long run it will be great for her but now we are just figuring it out as we go.
We have scheduled the sensor training and I am excited about that.

Just a few more days

We do have a date set for training.  It was hard to find a day that might work but hopefully we’ll get it going.  I am still a little nervous and apprehensive but my daughter is excited so I hope it all goes well. She is playing volleyball so it’s going to be interesting to see how we work it out with that activity.

I think the reason I am nervous is I feel like we are in a good routine and managing thing so well that now we have to ‘relearn’ some things and do things differently.  I have also read about some cons with the inserts and sensors and am nervous about it being more painful, falling off, and the tubing being a pain.  We don’t do the CGMsensor until a couple of weeks after starting the pump.  I also would love to be able to hack it but the CGM in the cloud movement seems to work with the Dexcom better.  I would love to be able to see her numbers when not together.

So I am hopeful and we will see how it goes.