Not because I’ve nothing to say

So I haven’t been writing not because I’ve nothing to say but I guess I just don’t know what to say.

My daughter is doing good.  Nothing extreme but not in always in the best range.  The doctor tweaks as necessary but then the School Nurse has caused some issues – I am still mulling it over but I am not happy about her attitude toward me and my daughter.  I think I will pursue it more after the holidays.

I let my daughter go to sleep over at a friends for the first time.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought but that was because I knew she was running in a higher range.  And that’s not a good thing but it got me through the night (she did text me at 2am, the mother woke her up).

The CGM and pump have made a big difference in the management (so much easier) but I also feel more detached because I am not writing down the numbers, they go from the pump to the computer and I don’t always review it as before.

We are  doing a small trip after Christmas to a place my daughter really wants to go, so I hope she enjoys it.  Eating will be harder since there will be mostly locally owned restaurants and not chains but we’ll swag our way through it.

So Merry Christmas to all who take the time to read this and hopefully next year will bring much happiness to all!


One thought on “Not because I’ve nothing to say

  1. I’m so proud of how well you and your daughter are adjusting. I hope you feel that you are, because from what I can see you definitely are!! Congrats on getting through her first sleepover – I think it will get a little bit easier every time.

    Have a very very merry Christmas and I hope you all have a fantastic time on your trip!!

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