C is for Continuous


My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost one year ago. The word continuous is a good way to describe things. Type 1 diabetes never takes a break, it is something that you really have to deal with in every aspect of your life. What you eat, if you exercise/play sports, when you sleep. Many finger sticks, shots, inserts — daily, weekly, and on and on and on….

One advantage we have been using is the CGM which stand for Continuous Glucose Monitor. This is a device that is attached to my daughter that checks her sugar levels every 5 minutes. It’s a miracle in some ways however it’s not always accurate and when it’s off it’s a nightmare (it almost always happens at night). I am grateful for the technology though and think it really is a live saver, however I am continuously praying for a cure.


5 thoughts on “C is for Continuous

  1. This July my mom will have had Type 2 diabetes for 14 years and last week my uncle was diagnosed with diabetes (type 2 as well). He’s been calling my mom a lot (our families live 5 hours apart) for advice because he’s taking it hard, getting used to taking the insulin and adjusting to his new diet.

    I don’t know much about Type 1 diabetes, but I know both you and your daughter are strong. ^^

  2. I’m sorry to hear about what your daughter is going through. I have family members who have been affected by diabetes as well, and am also praying for a cure!

  3. Hi, I am from Lisa’s Live Wires helping with the A to Z Blog Challenge. I am not that familiar with diabetes except for my sister’s friend who used to check her glucose levels when she was over at our house back when we were little (talking the 1980s). I wish your daughter health and happiness and I too hope they find a cure! Thanks for posting.

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