We’ve almost made it through the week.  I pick them up tonight.  I am still not happy with the level of communication with my daughter and the nurse but I did come to accept it.  If was there a problem (lows) I did hear from them and she never went high except when they waited a little too long to give her dinner insulin one night.

I just can not wait to see either of my children but to especially have my daughter home where I can check on her myself (and give both of them lots of hugs they probably don’t want). We have two weeks then she is attending another camp just for kids with type 1 diabetes.  That one will have no communication from what I can tell but there are drs. and nurses and she will be around other kids dealing with the same issues and learning lots of things. I think it will be a great experience for her. Hopefully things will be better for me next time since the care level should be higher.


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