Not a happy camper

Saturday was the 2 month dx anniversary.

Sunday was check-in at camp. (not a diabetes camp, a 4-H they have been going to for a couple of years that is an overnight camp but is only about 20 minutes from our house).

I was stressed, tense all day worrying about forgetting something.  We had done early registration so I could speak to the coordinator and nurse ahead of time.

However we get there and they don’t have her in the correct cabin (the one where the nurse is who agreed to check her at 2am).

We go through the ‘fast’ line since we registered, the assistant nurse was supposed to be there, she wasn’t.  They did call to make sure she should be in the cabin.

I went back to the cabin to talk to a counselor and they take me to the nurse I had spoke to before but it was rushed.  I told her I needed the numbers every time to give to the dr.  Her daughter sees the same dr. I thought she would understand how terrified I am and that I just needed a little reassurance, I guess not.

I briefly heard from my daughter last night before bed (9:50pm) that she was low, had some juice was coming back up and ate a snack.  nothing this morning, no updates with numbers through the night or this morning.  She was supposed to text or update the app and there is nothing, so I am freaking out.  I don’t have a way to contact them other than my daughters’ phone which she is supposed to have and isn’t responding to anyway.

More to follow…

So I did just hear from nurse. No one checked her last night.  Said it was a misunderstanding that they thought she was going to wake herself up to test?!?!?! Hello, if she’s low she can’t wake up and if she’s low she will need someone there to help her get something and stay up to re-test. not really a responsibility she should have to do herself, and I am so frustrated with everything!

I am going to check with them later to see if someone is willing to get up with her if not I am going there to get her for the night.  This just suck for her and I am still not a happy camper.


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