Sunday fun-day?

So the kids came home and we all survived and rested on Saturday…then I took the kids to a water park on Sunday…

So we get to the water park,  2 hours+ from home and my daughter goes to check her blood glucose level…’Mom you forgot the lancets‘ – hmm, well now ‘I’ didn’t, ‘we’ did.  So we improvise and use a pin needle to pick her finger, better to have forgotten the lancets than the needles, right?

She was running high after a week of running in normal/lower range at camp.

All was going good until my son wanted dipping dots for a snack.  I asked my daughter if she was hungry, she said no. I asked if she cared if brother got the ice cream, she said yes. Well, what to do? I looked up the carb count, 17 for vanilla. Doable with all the activity of the day.  We get to the stand, no vanilla. So we go with birthday cake and I get a bigger one to share with her (it’s hot, ice cream sounds).  I check the carb count again, 22 still maybe fine.  Then she wants to eat the whole thing and take insulin (which she never ever wants to do).  I ponder and do some Googling and can’t see that taking insulin is a good idea. She always runs low when active so I thought it ‘might’ be ok and we’d check her in a couple of hours anyway.

Two hours later we are preparing to leave and she’s really tired, so we check and she’s 69 – what? So low after ice cream….didn’t really expect that.

Eats some smarties to correct, recheck later and is in range.

We stop for dinner about an hour later and still in range.

We eat and I use her sliding scale for game days since she was in the water and up and down steps, etc.

2 hr drive then home pre-bed check is 378!!! What? Recheck in 15 minutes is 387.  OK not sure what to do but no snack since tired I let her sleep only because on active days she goes so low.  The 2am check is 161. This morning 110.

So far today, she’s in range.

Another challenging puzzle, did I do the right thing? If she would have been high at 2 am I might have given insulin then but we have never been educated to do that. Also if she was not so active I would not have done many things the same.

Have I mentioned that I hate this type 1 guessing game?


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