Learning from mistakes

Last night I flubbed up and ran out of Levemir at her game (only had 8 units and she needed 24, plenty at home just didn’t check units in the pen). I was wondering what to do…I had planned to give her the rest once we got home but it was about 3 hrs later.  I did get some advice that was to not give her any more Levemir then just check for highs during the night and give a correction with her sliding scale.

Since she always goes low, I went with that.  I checked her at 1:45 and she was 177 (the night before with no exercise and regular Levemir she was 180) so I figured we were good.

Checked with the dr. office this morning and they said it was fine.  We could have given the extra but it was ok.

There are so many variables and guessing it’s really scary but we just keep on going, doing the best we can.

Also, I meet with camp nurse yesterday for her week at camp.  She seems very knowledgeable and I was pleased with our discussion.  She is willing to get up and check her once a night so I am so grateful for that. The dr. office said is wasn’t necessary but I didn’t feel comfortable with that since she is so newly diagnosed and we don’t know how the daily activity level and heat will effect her.


One thought on “Learning from mistakes

  1. Sounds like it all worked out really well. I think as much as we try to be prepared, these things happen because the world is imperfect. You did a great job moving to Plan B – and I promise it will get less scary as time goes by.

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