E is for Everything

Everything seems like a cop-out.  I think I’m going to have trouble with some of these letters.  Since Easter was yesterday that could also work.  Even though Easter was later in April last year, my daughter was diagnosed the day after so it’s still a reminder that it’s been almost a year. At first it’s easy to assume that she just ate too much candy or something. I have to admit to being a diabetes dummy. It’s was so difficult to comprehend that is was not just a diet problem but a pancreas problem and that there is no easy fix, but ongoing daily battle with insulin essential to survival.  And even though we’ve being doing this for just under a year, it’s still hard to comprehend how EVERYTHING is effected by it and how it changes EVERYTHING in her young life.


4 thoughts on “E is for Everything

  1. I’m still a diabetes dummy too. So no worries there. My mom definitely doesn’t come to me for knowledge, but she knows that the whole family has got her back if she needs anything. A few days ago her blood sugar dropped and she needed me to help prepare her a quick meal because she was trembling from the hypoglycemia.

    Your daughter has your support and that’s what counts. So I’m hoping that with each passing year that your family grows stronger.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I promise, as you go along it will become easier. I promise. I don’t have diabetes but it is like just about everything else, you get used to it and it becomes ‘normal’ in her daily life. Big Hugs.

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