V is for Vacation

Going lighten things up a little today and talk about Vacation.  I am a beach lover and do not feel content unless I’ve spent a few days at the beach each year. My husband enjoys the beach but isn’t as addicted as I am, neither are the kids.  One year we went to Tennessee instead and everyone seemed to enjoy it but me (maybe we just had bad weather, but I wanted to spend time on the lake and it was just too cold for that).  Last year both kids got stung by a jellyfish so they insist that they will not be going into the ocean this year (trip is already booked so to late to change it).  I have been trying to think of something different for the next year.  We live in a rural, sorta mountain-y location so that’s not really something we would want on vacation.  My daughter would like to see Mt. Rushmore or the Grand Canyon but I’m not sure about that either. A cruse would suit me but it’s similar to the ocean/beach and it would be nice to do something different.  Anyone have any ideas to share?


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