G is for Grateful

Have I been complaining a lot?  In truth I am very grateful.  Everyone has their share of problem and battles so it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘my situation is worse than yours’ game.  The opposite of keeping up with the Jones.  So here are some things I am grateful for…I am blessed to still have my mother close by and healthy and willing to help us out with running the kids around and just being with us.  I have a wonderful husband who works hard, makes me laugh and still loves me.  I have two smart, beautiful children who I love more that I ever thought possible.  I have a good job that is challenging, pays well, and has some flexibility to take time off if needed.  And while our house is small, it was built by my grandfather about 65 years ago.  I was blessed to know all my grandparents even though they have passed on now.  I have great memories of our time together. I lost my dad too and though we struggled at times I was a daddy’s girl.  He is the one who always sang ‘My girl’ to me and was the inspiration for the name of the blog.


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