Game play

I think I got spoiled by the prompts for DBlogWeek, especially since I am new to blogging.  They really helped focus me on one topic.  Lately my thoughts are all over the place.  Sometimes I feel like I am getting information overload and sometimes I still can’t find the answers I am looking for.

My daughter is thriving and doing so well. We are signed up for diabetes camp next month and things are rolling along. She is playing softball and has four games this week.  Last night was the first and it went as well as it could. No lows during the game.  Actually she was a little high after.  Before bed she was still just over 150 but at 2am she was 74. She drank her juice and her recheck was 106.

There are times I feel like I am playing a game that I can never win and the fact that her life is at stake scares me to death.  I still don’t know all the pitfalls and don’t want to get caught up in the doom and gloom aspects but I need to be aware of potential risks.

And I don’t want her to worry about those things because she will and I think that’s where the mental health thing comes in for those that have been dealing with this longer than just the few short weeks we have.


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