My daughter’s story

I had an evernote with all the issues she has had since Christmas…there were 12 items on it.

Someone posted a Diabetes awareness cartoon on Facebook, she had almost every symptom.

I was in denial.

I made her fast before the appointment anyway.

At the Dr. I showed him the list and the cartoon.  I asked for a test.  After the urine test, he said we should go to the hospital for better blood work.  He mumbled for me to stay close by because we might need to go to anther town later.  I thought he meant to see a specialist. After the blood work (and waiting too long), we went to the mall. I got my son a hair cut. My daughter ate Chinese (general tso).  I let work to know I would be late or not in depending.  An hour and a half later, I got the call – we need to go, she needed to be admitted to the hospital in the next town (children hospital with diabetes educators). It’s Type 1 Diabetes.

I drove with my daughter (my mom and son were in the car behind us).  On the way there we are crying, praying, calling family and friends, (she was texting too).  I knew I should be strong for her, I felt guilty and like it was my fault for being a lazy mom.  I knew nothing about diabetes and nothing about type 1.  At the hospital, it was a whirlwind, I don’t think they realized we knew nothing about diabetes for the first hour.  There were questions I could not answer and thing I just didn’t know.  She hating getting stuck with the iv, I was worried about how she was going to handle the shots – FOR THE REST OR HER LIFE!!!!


One thought on “My daughter’s story

  1. Sometimes I am even overwhelmed by needing to *brush my teeth* at least 1x day/the rest of my life. It is very hard to think of a lifetime’s worth of diabetes tasks. Ugh. Anyway, I hear you!

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